Privacy Policy


We will only use your personal Information to provide you with our services at Beatty Training Station We do not disclose your information to a third party unless required by Law

You consent to Beatty Training Station’s use of your image in our promotional materials such as social media.




If payment is made by direct debit, then you authorise Beatty Training Station or their direct debit provider to debit the relevant amount from your nominated bank account or credit card

If your direct debit payment is dishonoured the Beatty Training Station will be entitled to pass on to you the amount that Beatty training Station's direct debit provider charge

If you believe there has been an error in debiting your account then you must contact us as soon as possible

You must contact Beatty Training Station with any changes to your direct debit or if you wish to cancel your direct debit payments




By attending Beatty training Station you warrant that you are in good physical health and have no existing medical conditions that would prevent you from participating or that would be aggravated by using our services


If you become aware of any health concerns you speak to us and must consult a doctor or qualified professional before resuming use of the services.


If you become aware of any changes to your health that may impact your participations in our service or our Studio you must inform us in order to provide appropriate care. It is your responsibility not to use any equipment or undertake any exercise that you suspect may adversely affect any medical condition you have.  If you have not exercised regularly in the last 5 years you must consult a doctor

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